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A topless Black man looking at the camera, and a Black woman with her hand on the man's shoulder, looking away from the camera and laughing.

We’re putting change before trends

Trends have always led the beauty industry. After years of witnessing copious amounts of waste, we decided that sustainable change must come before these trends.

No compromises

We deliver high quality beauty and personal care essentials that are planet-friendly and practical, but without the compromise of lifestyle.

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A layered collage of pink bubbles, green leaves, a petri dish with water droplets and a tray with facial cream.
Two silver aluminium Fiils bottles and one rose gold aluminium Fiils bottle laying in a bamboo bath caddy with an off-white background,

Always half full

We’re sustainability optimists. We believe that you don’t need to sacrifice your style or live in the woods to do your bit. Our refillable beauty products make it easier than that.

Better still, they only contain the finest natural ingredients, so there’s no compromise on quality either. So put that guilt in the trash, your refill pack in the post, and keep doing your thing.

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