✨ Get 2 free bottles with every order! Enter code FREEBOTTLE at checkout! ✨
✨ Get 2 free bottles with every order! Enter code FREEBOTTLE at checkout! ✨


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About Us

‘After 15 years working in the beauty industry, I knew a change needed to happen. I was fed up with unclean, unnecessary ingredients and excessive single-use packaging. Fiils addresses a problem in my own beauty routine, starting with the basics– bathroom essentials‘.

Anna Priadka, Founder

Sustainability finally looks as good as it feels

Fiils is a carbon neutral company, and for every purchase you make, we plant a tree in our Ecologi Fiils Forest, helping us to become carbon positive.

Trees planted

Removing 76.64 tonnes of
carbon form the atmosphere

Fiils pouches returned

582kg less plastic
ending up in landfill

Less plastic bottles in landfill

Equal to the weight of
88 elephants

Our impact so far

Little changes make a big
difference to our beautiful planet

How it works

we are full circle

Order your kit

Our kits come with both bottles and refills to take you from the landfill to refill.

Bottle up

Once it's arrived, squeeze the refill pouches into the bottles.


Your kit comes in a recyclable cardboard box. No bubble wrap, no fancy inserts. All we ask is that you recycle your box.

Freepost return

Post the empty refill pouches back to us for free using the recycling bag that comes with your first order.

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