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4 Ingredients in Shampoos and Conditioners to Avoid

Did you know that your shampoo could contain ingredients that are harmful to both you and the planet? If you’re looking to clean up your lifestyle and the environment, an easy place to start is with your hair care products. Knowing exactly what you’re applying to your locks is key to maintaining a healthy head of hair! So to help you navigate the tricky world of haircare, we’ve created a list of 4 toxic ingredients to steer clear of in your next purchase.

1. Sulphates
Sulphates are powerful detergents that work by a chemical reaction, in which they adhere to water and the sebum on our scalp. When you rinse out your shampoo, sulphates wash out all the oils and residue with them, and while cleansing, can also damage hair, make it brittle and build frizz.

And the damage doesn’t stop at our hair; once they go down the drain, sulphates can add to the acidification of surface water, soil, rain and fog that in turn damage ecosystems, plants and forests. This can prove fatal to the environment and lead to severe damages.

2. Parabens
Parabens are used as preservatives to limit bacteria from growing in hair and cosmetic products. There have been links to health concerns such as breast cancer, as parabens can stimulate the hormone oestrogen. This is why it is best to avoid these ingredients and why many companies choose to be paraben free.

3. Drying Alcohols
Certain alcohols used in hair care can make your hair very dry. The higher up in the ingredients list these appear, the higher the percentage of alcohol the product contains. Steer clear of the likes of propanol and isopropanol alcohol.

4. Polyethylene Glycols (PEGs)
PEGs are thickening agents procured from petroleum, often polluted with with byproducts known for stripping the hair of moisture and causing damage. PEGs have been categorised as a developmental toxicant, meaning they can cause harm to or obstruct human development, and have also been linked to various types of cancer.

So what ingredients should your shampoo and conditioner contain?
You should choose a sulphate-free formula with natural oils, such as coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba oil, that help nourish your hair. Butters like mango butter and shea butter create a protective layer around the cuticles, while vitamin E, argan oil and vitamin B5 make excellent conditioning components that not only feed your hair with nutrients, but are also known to reduce hair fall.

Here at Fiils, our products are formulated with natural and organic, vegan ingredients, made with over 75% pure plant extracts. We don’t use any parabens or sulphates in our formulas, and are free from drying alcohols, silicones, perfumes and colourants – those scents you inhale are all from essential oils! Plus, our concentrated formulas use aloe vera as a base, and have a viscous texture that requires less product use in the long run. Everything we do goes full circle with a planet-first mindset because we believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise for a more sustainable lifestyle.

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