✨ Get 2 free bottles with every order! Enter code FREEBOTTLE at checkout! ✨
✨ Get 2 free bottles with every order! Enter code FREEBOTTLE at checkout! ✨


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Most answers can be found here. If there’s a question we haven’t answered, drop us an email: [email protected]

How do I purchase a bottle from your shop?
Simple! Just head to our Shop and click on ‘Bottle’. This will take you to our aluminium bottle shop where you can purchase your chosen Bottle.
When my bottles arrive, will they be empty?
Yes, your bottles will be empty when you receive them. We chose to do this so you can use them for life with whatever formula you like. Just be sure to purchase the formula that corresponds to the right bottle! Eg: Hand Wash Refill for your Hand Wash Bottle.
Can I reuse my bottles?
Yes, yes and yes! Our aluminium bottles are designed to be your bottle for life. Just rinse the bottle out with some warm water prior to squeezing in your subsequent refill product.
Can I choose to buy the bottles without the pump?
You can! When shopping for your bottles, simply choose between a pump or an aluminium cap.
What if I choose the pump option? Can I reuse it?
We want you to reuse where you can and these pumps can be used for as long as possible! Just be sure to rinse the pump between each refill.
Your pump is made of plastic. Why?
At present, for aluminium cosmetic bottles there are no other alternatives to a plastic pump. Also, this component is meant to be reused and it’s our commitment to reusing these that will ensure we banish single-use plastic for good.
How do I purchase a refill from your shop?
Easy! Just head to our Shop and click on ‘Refill’. This will take you to our refill shop where you can purchase your chosen refill.
Can I use any refill with any bottle?
We ask that you use the refill that matches the bottle, eg: Hand Wash Refill for the Hand Wash Bottle.
How do I refill the bottle?
Easy! The aluminium pouch spout is made to fit snugly inside the aluminium bottle head so it can be easily squeezed and decanted. We recommend that you get as much product out of your aluminium bottle to begin with, so add some water to the remaining contents before you put a new formula in.
Can I subscribe to refills?
Yes! When shopping for your refills, you can choose between a one-off purchase or a subscription. Our subscription price means you will get a bigger discount on your refills.
Can I buy your refills in bulk?
Yes! We offer refills in kits of 2, 3 or 4. This is a great way to shop for your refills, as it minimises single-purchase deliveries and also saves you money. Our refills when purchased in a kit are £10 per pouch, that’s a saving of £2!
What shall I do with my refill pouches once I’ve squeezed the contents into my bottle?
The refill pouches are made from a combination of aluminium and a fine layer of plastic which helps protect the formula. This type of material requires a specific type of recycling to break it down. We need your help and small effort to send these pouches back to us once you have used them. So follow the instructions on the back of the pouch and get posting!
How do I return my pouches?
Inside your box there will be a recycling bag which is free to return. Pop your empty pouches in, seal your bag and drop it in the post box! You can also send your aluminium lids and plastic pumps to us in this bag. When we receive them, we then bulk send the returns to our recycling partner, Terracycle and they repurpose the pouches into new materials.
How should I prepare my refill pouches when I want to send them back?
OWe need to receive the pouches back clean and dry. Please cut around the spout and rinse the refill pouches with warm water, removing all of the product residue. Then dry the refill pouch before placing in the recycling bag. We also reuse the caps with every pack, so please don’t forget to send the caps back with your order- as these will live on for new pouches!
Is it free to send the refill pouches back?
Yes! Postage to send your empty refill pouches back is always on us! Just place your refill pouches into the prepaid recycling bag and pop it in the post box.
Can I subscribe to refills?
Yes! When shopping for your refills , you can choose between a one-off purchase or a subscription. Our subscription price means you will get a bigger discount on your refills.
What are my subscription options?
We offer subscriptions on our individual refills and also on our 2, 3 and 4 refill kits. Choose between 2, 4, 6 and 8 week delivery intervals.
Where and how can I manage my subscription?
Simple! Just head to the ‘My Fiils’ section in the right-hand menu to log into your account. Here you’ll be able to view all the details of your subscription.
Can I swap the refills in my subscription?
Yes! Hit ‘Edit my subscription’ in ‘My Subscription’ to swap out different products and scents.
Can I add a recycling bag to my subscription?
Of course! Simply click ‘Edit my subscription’ to add a recycling bag to your next delivery.
Can I change how often I receive refills?
Yes! When editing your subscription, you can change your delivery intervals to every 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks.
Can I pause my subscription?
Yes, you can pause your subscription whenever and for as long as you like! Just turn off the ‘Auto-Renew’ button in ‘My Subscription’ when you want to pause your orders, and turn it back on to resume.
Can I cancel my subscription?
We’ll be sad to see you go, but you can cancel your subscription at any time! Just head to ‘My Subscription’ and click ‘Cancel’. This will immediately stop your subscription and any subsequent scheduled orders.
What are the pouches made of?
The pouches are made of a thin layer of aluminium (approx 80%) sandwiched between fine layers of plastic (approx 20%). This plastic is needed to keep the formulas airtight. There are many benefits to this flexible packaging. The packaging uses 50% less energy to produce and is 68% lighter to ship when compared to rigid plastic. We are already looking at a fully reusable option for our pouches moving forward, however the packaging companies we work with just aren’t there yet, so it will take some more time.
What are the bottles made out of?
100% aluminium. this is a durable material that exists in plentiful amounts in nature. Unlike plastic which needs petroleum, a non-renewable resource, aluminium is extracted from bauxite. The Aluminium Association has predicted that bauxite resources will last for centuries. Aluminium is also infinitely recyclable unlike plastic which downgrades every time it is recycled until rendered unusable. Aside from this, it also looks great in your bathroom!
What are the boxes and recycling bags made out of?
The boxes are made out of cardboard and is very easily recycled. You can put this in your recycling bin at home. Our recycling bags are plant-based and are biodegradable and compostable. We use no glue or tape on our boxes, only a paper sticker to seal.
Is there any BPA in your products?
Our pumps are BPA free. The cosmetic grade liners inside our bottles and pouches are also BPA free.
You say your products are free from plastic, but your pumps are plastic and some of the pouch is made of plastic too?
Yes. As a company, we are working towards minimising single-use plastic as much as we can from our packaging. Most of our continued development will go into sourcing alternative materials for all components that can be either reused or recycled. For now, if you want to have a completely plastic free product, select a cap over a pump when choosing your bottles.
Where do you source your packaging from?
At present, our packaging is sourced from a specialist aluminium manufacturer in East Asia. Our boxes are sourced in the UK. When sourcing manufacturers in the UK to work with, we noticed that many of them outsource to a third party in East Asia and place high markups on the same products. This would have meant higher prices for our customers, so we decided to go direct. Whilst shipping from East Asia from a carbon emissions perspective is higher, we recognise that the reuse and refill, plus tree planting element of our model means our company is carbon neutral overall. We also ship in bulk and use sea shipments over air.
Can I order a recycling bag online?
Yes. If you are purchasing one of our starter kits, a recycling bag will be included. If you are repurchasing and need a recycling bag, please select this option when purchasing your refills and it will be included in your order for free.
What happens to my pouch when you receive it back for recycling?
We receive your pouches back to our warehouse directly through the post. Once we have collected enough in bulk, we separate the caps, which we reuse, then we send the rest to Terracycle who take care of all the reprocessing of the materials.
How do they recycle the pouches?
The material in the pouches is shredded, washed and agglomerated into a crumb. It is then extruded into a pellet to make items such as park benches and outdoor furniture.
We can send all our Fiils waste back to you, is that right?
Yes, aside from our cardboard boxes which are easily recyclable at home, that’s right. We want to take full responsibility for the life cycle of our products and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to help us do this. All we ask is that you commit to sending the pouches back in the prepaid recycling bags. This effort will ensure you stay conscious!
Is recycling the answer?
We believe that recycling is a very efficient way of managing waste if it its implememented and managed properly. The problem we have at the moment is that we don’t know how to recycle correctly and our resources are stretched, with recycling often being sent abroad. Once this happens, waste often ends up dumped in the countryside and washed into the ocean by rain. By implementing a dedicated recycling programme that ensures we send our waste directly to our recycling partner, we have control over what happens to the waste we produce.
Are your formulas vegan?
Yes, 100%. Our products contain no animal ingredients.
Are your products natural and organic?
Our products are 99% natural and up to 79% organic. There are certain very safe ingredients such as Sodium Benzoate which protect the liquids that can’t be classed as natural, but are key to formulation. You can read more about our individual ingredients on our Ingredients page.
Are your products tested on animals?
No, our products are never tested on animals, nor are our ingredients.
What are your products scented with?
Pure essential oils. This means our formulas smell authentic to their ingredients and don’t have the heavy synthetic smell you can often find with mass produced formulas.
Are the products safe for all hair and skin types?
Absolutely! Because they don’t contain any harsh chemicals such as SLS and parabens. As they are scented with essential oils, they are a lot gentler on the skin.
What are SLS and parabens? Do your products contain them?
No, our products are free from SLS and parabens. SLS is short for Sodium Laureth Sulphate and is used in a range of personal care products from shampoo to toothpaste to face wash. It helps the product to foam. Parabens were introduced in the 1950s and are used to prolong shelf life in products. Both ingredients have been linked to certain health problems when used over long periods of time, and sulphates are one of the biggest causes of carbon emissions in shampoo manufacturing.
Are your products sustainably and ethically sourced?
Yes. We work with a supplier that is eco-certified and uses ingredients sourced in this way.
Where are your products made?
We make our formulas in Europe.
Are your products palm oil free?
Yes, our products do not contain any palm oil.
Who are Ecologi?
Ecologi plants trees and funds the worlds best climate crisis solutions. You can check them out here: www.ecologi.com
How do they support us to become climate neutral?
We’re working with Ecologi to build our very own Fiils Forest. We’re supporting them on reforestation projects in Madagascar, as they fund climate projects to reduce carbon emissions around the globe. With every purchase you make, Ecologi will plant a tree in our Fiils Forest. This way, you are helping us on our mission to not only become a carbon positive family but to regrow our home.
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