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I am sure we have all been there. You are at your local drugstore or supermarket and you are trying to choose the right shampoo for you. Or better, for your hair. But how do you choose the right one? No one has ever taught us how to choose shampoo, am I right? It’s always like this, and it never gets easier.

I know what you are thinking, shampoo is just shampoo. And I am not sure how to change your mind about it just yet, so please bear with me and read through this. I promise it will not be a waste of your time.

Picture this. You are staring at shelves packed to the brim with a million different options: straight hair, coloured hair, curly hair. But also shampoos claiming to fix your split ends or your brittle hair. How can a product do it all, in reality? And how am I to choose a shampoo based on these claims that I know are really not realistic? On top of that, with all the available options and formats on the market now, how am I to make a simple choice on shampoo? And is it even a simple choice to make, really?

I feel like, in this day and age, we are very much fed so much information all at once. And we kind of get very overwhelmed. Particularly when we speak about sustainability and climate change, so much is out there and we need to make sense of it all. Am I meant to switch to a shampoo bar? Do I jumps on the no-shampoo shampoo wagon? And what about packaging – it is a plastic bottle? Can I recycle the box in which my shampoo bar was living? Do I make sure all the cardboard pieces of it, including the ink, are okay for the planet? What is good and what is not? But also how good is this going to be for me, my hair and my beliefs? How do I choose shampoo?


When I was offered the opportunity to write a post on my experience using fiils, I was elated. As a follow up to that post, I can only confirm that not only have I thoroughly enjoyed the product Anna has created, but I also admire her stand on sustainability and single-use plastics. But I am sure if you are here you know plenty about the brand. And if not, let me help you with that.

Fiils was founded by Anna with the intent of putting change ahead of trends. In the beauty industry (but in so many other industries too!), we are all aware of the copious amount of waste resulting from following new trends. It’s bound to happen and it has been like this for so long. But what if there is a way to address this and make an impact by changing the rules?

Fiils is here to disrupt the industry with products not only for hair but for the body too. Everything they make is done using only the highest quality, completely natural ingredients. And with sustainability and the planet always in mind.

Anna and Bilguissa are all here for that. And so are we, to be fair. You might have read about our initial thoughts on fiils by reading our post. And after having given this shampoo enough time, we’re here to tell the tale.


Well, it goes without saying we are always influenced in our choices, even when we do not realise it. So it also is no surprise when I tell you that I choose a shampoo based on what other people were picking. Not going to name names, but I was overly excited at the thought of being able to pick my scent and colour for the formula. And I am sure that says it all. I had no clue about what goes into a shampoo – let alone having a clue on how to choose a shampoo! If it was for me, as long as it was pink and smelled nice, it was good.

But I didn’t know that’s not enough. At least, I now know it was not enough. There is plenty that goes into a shampoo, and I am sure we all barely know what’s good and what’s not so good for both our hair and scalp. Chatting to Anna and Bilguissa made me realise that, while my previous choice of shampoo was not so bad in terms of ingredients, I was ordering a product that had to go through such a long mileage to get to me that all my good intentions were thrown out the window the moment I pressed BUY on their website. And that the colour and scent do not make a shampoo a good one.


My hair is very thin and straight, extremely fragile and tends to fall quite easily. Fine hair is the kind of life that picked me, not vice versa. My scalp is oily, extremely oily, and also very much sensitive. Any change in shampoo is very much a danger zone to me. I would always end up with dandruff and a very itchy scalp whenever I switched shampoo. So you can imagine my fear and anxiety behind switching from a product I had used for more than 3 years to a product I didn’t even know about. I am glad to say I was oh so wrong.


Yes, my previous shampoo was SLS-free as my current choice. But with all the added silicones and fancy colours and scents… was it really a good choice? Since I switched to fiils, my hair is a lot easier to detangle, quick to style and not as dry anymore. I was sceptic about it and worried about any reaction my scalp could have. Of course, yet again, I was proven wrong. No dandruff, no itchiness, no change whatsoever to an already stressed scalp. Yes, my scalp is still oily, but not as fast as I used to get it. I can feel my hair getting fuller, thicker. It looks a lot healthier now than it has ever been before. And I have not changed anything in my diet or in my habits with vitamins.

So can choosing the right shampoo really make a difference? I guess it can indeed.

Since I haven’t mentioned it before, my hair care routine – and subsequently, my hair care products range – is pretty much just shampoo. I do not use conditioner as my scalp is already oily and my hair tends to stay pretty soft without the need for it to be conditioned. I do not do hair masks, nor do I use hair oil because there is nothing more annoying than oily hair to me. The oily scalp is something I just have been struggling with for since I can remember, and no shampoo has been able to help me contain that. Not until I switched to an SLS-free shampoo.

And how did I choose said shampoo? Out of sheer luck. And while the excess oil is not controlled fully, I cannot really complain. My switch was easy and pain-free, with no dandruff and no itchy scalp, ever. Of course, I know that I don’t want to strip my hair of those natural oils that are meant to protect it. I want the moisture to stay, I don’t need to start dealing with dry hair and a dry scalp!


I must admit that the whole reuse, reduce, recycle mantra has taken a long leap in most industries, the beauty industry included. And while the work of some is definitely what I like to call a pretty façade, we need to focus on the brands doing real good for the planet. Again, I hear you: how can I be an impacting force when I choose my shampoo?

Well, just check what shampoo you are currently using. Is it safe for you as much as is it safe for the planet? Can you recycle that plastic bottle and top? Will you be able to reuse that bottle somehow? If the answer is no to 2 out of 3 of these at least, then you guessed it. Switching to a refillable option like fiils has made me more coherent in my choice of living a sustainable life through most aspects of my life. All I need to do is order when needed, refill my reusable bottle and make sure I do not get any pumps unless I need them. And with fiils, you will be able to do that not only for shampoo and conditioner but also for body care products. If this is not a win, I don’t know what is.

So, to confirm, these are the steps to choose your shampoo in a nutshell:

  1. Check the ingredients list, you don’t want a shampoo made 90% of water and chemicals you cannot even read from the label, let alone know what effect they will have on both you and the planet;

  2. Check the packaging, is it really as sustainable as they claim it to be? Will you be able to recycle it? If not, is there a similar product that you can use instead?

  3. Assume you will need time to adapt to the new formulation, do not give up on it right away. Everything needs time to start working for you, so make sure you follow the same procedure you’d have with skincare and try stuff out;

  4. Do not assume everything you see it’s gold, and not everything that works for your friend or mum or sister will work for you. We are 3 sisters with very different hair, and as such very different needs: it’s not a one type fits all, and it shouldn’t be;

  5. But most importantly, do not throw out what you are currently using to move onto better products. The beauty industry accounts for 120 billion units of packaging created every year, just think how much of this will end up in landfills and our oceans. Finish that product first!

Guest written by: Simona, founder of The Grumpy Olive blog

04.11.21 | POSTED BY Fiils