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On one half of the image there is a brand new pink Fiils refillable pouch half submerged in water. On the other side of the image there is a red Conscious Beauty Co Hand Wash Refill in the old style. Both images are on a cream background.

At Fiils, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get everything ready for our launch. We wanted to answer some questions that we have been getting about our fresh new look. As a brand that cares deeply about always doing our best by you and the planet, we want to be honest and transparent with you – especially whilst we grow.




Why the name “Fiils”? 


We wanted a name that represents exactly what we do. We also wanted to keep things short and sweet – no fuss – just like us. We are a brand that always takes a “glass half-full” approach, especially when it comes to sustainability. At Fiils, we believe it’s the small changes that can truly make a huge difference. 


We want to help our customers make small sustainable swaps to their everyday beauty and personal care routines; without compromising on quality or style. Our contactless refill return service is easy to use so that everyone can enjoy the products, they know and love, whilst also doing their bit for the planet.





What’s changed from when you were the Conscious Beauty Co? 


Along with our new design, we’ve improved our packaging as well as our product formulas. We may have removed “conscious” from our name but we definitely haven’t from our ethos. Fiils was founded in order to solve a common problem: the overload of single-use waste created as a direct result of our beauty and self-care routines. We’ve used your feedback from The Conscious Beauty Co to create and improve upon our products so they are even better than they were before. 


For example, we’ve been working hard on all of our formulas so that they contain over 75% of pure plant extracts, and all of our ingredients are still natural, organic and cruelty-free. We’ve also worked hard at sourcing our formulas close to the UK, and we now make them in Europe. 


Our refill packaging is now 80% plastic-free. We’ve now made the caps fully reusable which means that when you send them back to us, in your mailing bag, they can be reused for other refill pouches.  


This time round, we’re also giving you the chance to customise your bathroom with more choice when it comes to the aluminium bottles. Offering Rose Gold, Copper and Silver bottles with reversible logos, dial up or dial down, so you can make your bathroom look beautiful. 


We’re also very excited to reveal that we have a new partner: Ecologi! That means we’ll now be planting a tree with every sale we make on our website. Think of it as our very own Fiils forest where we can all make a positive impact.





What’s stayed the same?


We want to make a promise to you: our values will always stay the same. Our mission has always been, and will continue to be: to close the loop on single-use waste. We want to bring you eco-friendly beauty products that actually work. 


We’ve had an amazing first year with The Conscious Beauty Co, with your help we saved enough emissions with our refill and reuse service to drive around the world 5.8 times! 


If anything, our journey to becoming Fiils has made us look at how we can make our brand even more impactful. We’re super excited for this next phase of our Fiils journey and can’t wait for you all to be a part of it.





What does the future hold for Fiils?


We started with the bathroom basics, and with the help of your incredibly valuable feedback, we have plans to further expand our product range. Expect to see new scents and brand-new Fiils products arriving later this year! 


We always want to make sure that we’re offering the best possible products and services so that we can deliver on our promise: a truly sustainable and purpose-driven beauty brand. 


If you have any feedback, questions or specific issues with previous subscriptions to the The Conscious Beauty Co, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at: [email protected]. To make sure you’re up to date with all the latest Fiils news, follow us @fiils on Instagram and sign up to our email newsletter!

03.02.21 | POSTED BY Fiils