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Customising Your Hair Care Kit

When it comes to finding hair care products that work for you, it can be a little overwhelming. A quick Google search brings about a million tips for how to grow hair faster, each offering their own quick fix or miracle worker, from the age-old coconut oil for hair, to argan oil treatments. But before you close that laptop in frustration, we might just have the inside info you’ve been looking for…

At fiils, we keep haircare as simple as we keep our ingredients. Forget the rice water hacks and that collection of rosemary oil accumulating on you bathroom shelf. We’re 99% natural for a reason! Each ingredient packed into our pouches is there to protect, promote or prevent. THAT’S the secret to healthy hair – it’s just about finding the right ingredients for you.

Before you start stalking our ingredients list or asking “which shampoo is best for dry hair?”, we need to find your hair’s personality! Every head has one and it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3, fiil. Let’s start with number one.

Step 1. Find your hair’s porosity
Put simply, porosity is your hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture, and it all comes down to your cuticles.

What is low porosity hair? Your strands struggle to soak in products, moisture gets trapped easily, and you can forget about air drying because it’ll take all day. Sound familiar? Then this is probably your porosity!

Thank your lucky strands if you have low maintenance, medium porosity hair! These cuticles are evenly spaced, meaning a steady flow of moisture, glossy hair and styles that hold for hours – and even air drying is fast.

And high porosity? Your cuticles are taking some time apart; water and oils leave as quickly as they arrived. If you’re experiencing frizz, breakage or dryness on the daily, this one is for you.

Still not sure what you’re working with? Lay a couple of strands of hair in a bowl of water. If after a few minutes the hair is floating, that’s low porosity. If it’s sunk, that’s high porosity. It’s good to know that hair porosity can sometimes fall between these categories, making it hard to gauge which products to go for; that’s where steps two and three come in…

Step 2. Find your hair’s type
Your hair has a type, and luckily it’s a lot less complex than you might think, falling into three categories: normal, oily and dry. Each of these come with their own pros, cons and common conundrums but the good news is, the right ingredients really do offer a quick fix.

If it’s dry hair you’re dealing with, fighting frizz, battling breakage and a whole lot of split ends will be something you are all too familiar with. If your hair pattern is type 4a, a little dandruff may even make an appearance too.

If normal hair comes naturally to you, your strands will be split end and frizz free, with the bonus of a balanced scalp. This type is as laid back and issue free as it gets!

If your hair lacks a little life, with limp and greasy strands a few days after washing, then it’s probably oily!

Still asking what hair type you have? Try the tissue trick! A couple of days after washing your hair, grab a tissue and dab it on your scalp. Seeing a small oil blot? That’s normal hair. Is the tissue dry? Then so is your hair…

Step 3. Find your hair’s pattern style
Each hair pattern comes with some common issues to combat, but this can be handy when finding the right products for your locks – and you’ll be pleased ot know, they don’t require a miracle to fix!

Straight hair, also known as type 1, tends to need a little life adding back to those lustrous locks. Building volume can feel like a battle, and hair follicles are super smooth as the sebum is more visible on the surface. This is why straight hair can have a slightly greasy appearance.

Working with wavy hair? This hair pattern is as laid back as it looks, needing little maintenance. But those locks aren’t completely off the hook! Type 2 hair can be prone to frizzing and slightly resistant to styling, so you’ll still need to find the best shampoo and conditioner to suit you.

When it comes to curly hair, moisture is crucial due to its dry nature. Type 3 hair has a tendency to break so it requires some extra gentle TLC (that’s tender lock care).

Caring for coily hair? Type 4 hair is usually dry and in need of some heavy duty moisture, so maintaining this is a must! Its fragile form also makes it the most easily damaged hair type.

Still struggling to find your hair pattern? Can’t tell the difference between wavy vs curly? Leave your hair to dry naturally the next time you wash it. If it dries with a slight curve or in an ‘S’ shape, you’ve got wavy hair. If it dries with a more defined loop, you’re ahir is probably curly!

Step 4. Fill your bottle with the right ingredients
You’ve got your hair profile, now onto products! Let’s investigate our ingredients to find the best fiils fit for your strands. Our formulas are 99% natural with no hidden nasties. So what should you be bagging for your basket?

Rose Absolute
The perfect fit for low porosity, wavy or curly hair, rose absolute promotes hair growth and gives your mane a youthful boost and hydration kick, while lemon extract fights frizz and adds a selfie-ready shine.

Let the crush on coconut commence! Highly porous, dry, curly or coily hair will go nuts for our coconut shampoo and conditioner. Highly nourishing, jojoba and castor oils ensure moisture soaks in to treat dry hair, prevent breakage and promote growth for thicker, stronger locks.

Ready to fall in love with lemongrass? Ideal for medium porosity, oily or straight hair, lemongrass is naturally balancing and perfect for combatting excess oils.

Perfect for all hair types, but especially hair that needs a bit of extra shine and growth, our pomelo formula is packed with antioxidants and Vitamin C to strengthen and balance your scalp and strands.

Get personalising your pamper with the perfect fit in our Hair Duo Kit! You can mix and match and select different formulas for your shampoo and conditioner if you see more than one that could satisfy your strands. Still not sure which to choose? Check out our chart below!

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