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Five transparent platic shampoo bottles and one rose gold refillable Fiils aluminium bottle.

Welcome to the world of Fiils where we make it easy to look good, feel good and do good by our planet. 



How does it work?


You may have come across Fiils on Instagram or maybe you shopped with us when we were called The Conscious Beauty Co. Either way, you might still have a few questions about how the Fiils process works and what happens to your recycled waste now that it won’t be sent to landfill (a huge win!) Though we may have changed our name, our goal remains firmly to find the perfect balance between self-care and planet-care.


Ultimately, the Fiils process makes things easy for you. In fact, all you need to do is choose your favourite Starter Kit (though, that might be a difficult decision!) When your bottles run out, shop our refill shop for your new pouches. Rinse out your empty aluminium bottles, preferably with warm water, and simply refill them with the contents of your fresh-new pouch.





The only commitment we ask of you is this: send your empty pouches back to us! We believe that recycling is most efficient when it is handled in the right way. By implementing a dedicated recycling programme, in which we send all of your waste directly to our recycling partner (TerraCycle), we have control over what happens next to the waste that we produce.


So, once you have collected your empty pouches, stick on your (free) return label and pop it in the mailing bag provided. We ask that you try and return 8 pouches back to us, at one time, so we can reduce shipping emissions too. Don’t forget to send the aluminium caps back to us as we can reuse these as well. Your cardboard boxes can be recycled at home with the rest of your recycling as usual. 


We work closely with our recycling partner, TerraCycle, to ensure that your waste lives a longer and happier life. TerraCycle offers free recycling programmes to help consumers and brands, like us, collect and recycle “hard-to-recycle” waste. Instead of incinerating or landfilling waste, TerraCycle reuses and upcycles recycled waste that is otherwise hard to deal with. Ultimately, this means that our waste moves from a linear system to a circular one, allowing it to keep cycling back through the economy.





What is TerraCycle?


Through years of research, TerraCycle has demonstrated that basically everything on Earth can be recycled and repurposed. Once they receive the waste from us, TerraCycle categorises items by material type so that the appropriate technology and processes can be used to properly recycle the material.


For instance, some plastics can be processed in order to be sold to other manufacturers. Other types will be shredded or melted down and turned into a usable raw material, for example, in the form of pellets or powder. As well as plastics, TerraCycle also processes metals, glass, organics, fibres and fabrics, electronics, latex paints as well as cigarettes for recycling. In the past, TerraCycle has used the converted plastic materials to make new products like watering cans, park benches, tabletops and signage.  


We are currently facing a global waste crisis and our ecosystem is suffering terribly as a result. According to TerraCycle’s website, over the past 100 years, the amount of waste that humanity produces has increased by almost 10,000 percent. It is estimated that 25 percent, of this enormous amount, will end up polluting our oceans.





Only a small percentage will actually be recycled, and even then, it will either be buried in landfill or burned in incinerators.


You may be asking “why does this happen?”  Well, it’s down to, what TerraCycle calls, the “economics of waste”. Often, our waste costs less than the price that it would cost to collect and recycle it properly. However, thanks to the TerraCycle initiative, we now know, can and will do better than this.



What are you waiting for?


We believe that you are only as pretty as your planet. Which is why we won’t sacrifice its beauty for ours. At Fiils, beauty and sustainability work in synchronicity. We produce refillable ethical beauty products whilst respecting the needs of our planet. There’s no need for you to sacrifice your style, or your beauty expectations in order to do your bit. Join us on our refill journey today and help us do better by you and our planet.

03.02.21 | POSTED BY Fiils