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Fiils is a carbon
neutral company 🌐

We’re making an impact.

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Plastic waste avoided

Our refill and reuse model helped avoid 134 kg of unnecessary plastic waste from being put in landfill. This is equivalent to the weight of over 104 wine bottles!

Carbon dioxide reduced

We offset emissions in 2020 by 80 tCO2e – that’s equal to the weight of 20 elephants!

Emissions impact

The total emissions saved last year are the same as 10 people in the UK living completely carbon free for a whole year! Or, the same as driving 145,800 miles; enough to drive around the world 5.8 times!

Five transparent platic shampoo bottles and one rose gold refillable Fiils aluminium bottle.

Closing the loop on waste

The Fiils supply chain reduces 30% more emissions and 70% more plastic waste compared to a typical shampoo supply chain.

From bathroom
to beyond

We make sure every one of these impacts goes into making our products, because natural, vegan, cruelty-free and refillable aren’t just soundbites to us. They are behind everything we do. With every purchase you make, we will plant a tree in our Fiils Forest with Ecologi. This way, you are helping us on our mission to not only become a carbon positive family but to regrow our home.

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At Fiils we’re straightforward about our business, from sourcing our natural ingredients to how we recycle our packaging. No ifs, no buts, and certainly no funny business. If you have any questions, get in touch with our friendly team at Fiils. We love to have a natter.

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